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Technical Review Meeting on BCC Videos

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Briefing of BCC Videos to Technical Review Meeting Participants Briefing of BCC Videos to Technical Review Meeting Participants

Sublime Consultancy Service PLC has recently provided a research consultancy service to produce Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) Videos for CIHEAM Bari, an Italian Development Agency with the objective of promoting maternal and child nutrition. The BCC Videos were produced using Community Video Production Approach, with the objective of bringing maximum impacts among the target population. Community Video approach employs well organized and procedural steps, and among the key procedures is the quality assurance methods strictly considered. One of the quality assurance techniques is holding “Technical Review Meeting” organized during the post-production stage. The main objective of the Technical Review Meeting is to analyze the Videos both for technical accuracy and completeness of the contents as well as the aesthetic visual, audio, and motivational aspects. In meeting this objective, Sublime Consultancy Service in collaboration with CIHEAM Bari has organized Technical Review Meeting in Addis Ababa involving key stakeholders, mainly Projects Staffs & Government Nutrition Experts following the completion of the BCC Videos Production.

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